Clarke® Focus™ Rider Scrubber - 28" Disk w/iDrive™

Item # CLS00310K

  • Best traction with rear transaxle drive. One touch scrubbing control. Standard on-board battery charger. Closest edge cleaning.
  • (6) six-volt 250, 330 or 370 AH deep cycle batteries
  • Brush Motor: (1) 2 hp driving two right angle gearboxes
  • Brush Size/Speed: (2) 14", 300 RPM
28" Disk, w/iDrive™, ea
Manufacturers Item #00310K
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With patented iDrive[TM] which allows the operator to control speed, power steering, & all scrubbing functions with fingertip control while sitting back in comfort or with conventional steering wheel. Available in disc or cylindrical. Leaves floor dry to reduce slip/fall hazards. Fast response braking. Back-up alarm and horn. Best traction with rear transaxle drive. One touch scrubbing control. Standard on-board battery charger. Closest edge cleaning.

Brush Motor: (1) 2 hp driving two right angle gearboxes. Brush Size/Speed: (2) 14", 300 RPM.


The Status Display Screen provides a visual reference for all machine functions, settings, and diagnostics. The optional low solution/high recovery lights provide an additional indicator to maximize productivity.

Best in class edge cleaning is accomplished with the retractable scrub deck and the Vaccu-Track[TM] side squeegee to eliminate additional cleaning steps.

The Vaccu-Track[TM] side squeegee (patent pending) tracks behind the extended scrub deck for complete solution pick up, even on turns, leaving the floor dry and safe.

Gimbal mounted pad drivers and DoubleScrub[R] brushes follow the contours of uneven floors. 300 RPM brush motors ramp up to speed for longer component life.

The patented Accu-Track[R] breakaway squeegee automatically lifts in reverse. Optional clean-out port allows for fast flushing of recovery tank debris.

  • Optional deluxe seat for added operator comfort
  • On-board battery charger allows charging anywhere
  • Easy cockpit access from either side for increased operator comfort and safety
  • Easy access battery compartment
  • Rear wheel transaxle drive provides superior traction
  • Graduated solution tank sight gauge
  • Rear access solution fill port and recovery drain hose
  • Rugged 30 gallon Polydur[R] tanks
  • Best operator line of sight to optimize the cleaning path


  • Steering/Scrubbing Controls: Patent pending iDrive[TM] integrated steering control operates and programs forward/reverse traverse speed, steering, one-touch scrubbing functions, horn.
  • Cleaning Swath: 28"
  • Batter Charger: Fully automatic on-board charger, 115 V. 60 Hz or 230 V, 50 Hz
  • Brush Pressure: 125-225 lbs.
  • Traction Drive Motor: 1.5 hp transaxle powering 2-10" rear wheels
  • Traverse Speed: Forward (variable within 3 speed ranges) 2.1, 3.1, 4.1 mph; reverse (variable within 3 speed ranges) .84, 1.2, 1.6 mph
  • Vacuum Motor: 1 hp, 3-stage tangential discharge vacuum motor
  • Squeegee (Rear): 32"
  • Vaccu-Track[TM] Side Squeegee: 15.5" vacuumized, no tool blade change
  • Solution/Recovery Tank Capacity: 30 gallon
  • Machine Dimensions: 65" L x 33" W x 51" H
  • Minimum Aisle Turning Width: 72"
  • Maximum Cleaning Grade: 6 degrees
  • Noise Level (dBA): 70 dBA
  • Machine Weight: 1425 lbs. (with 330 AH batteries)
  • Warranty: Polydur[R] Tanks-8 years, Parts 3 years, Labor 1 year, batteries 90 days full, 18 mos pro-rated (Clarke battery warranty doubles with purchase of CBMS).