Clarke® Bext™ 300 HV Extraction Machine

Clarke® Bext™ 300 HV Extraction Machine

Item # CLE04148A

  • Easily extract large or confined carpeted areas such as stairs or tight office spaces.
  • Vacuum Motor: 7.2", 3-stage
  • 13 gallon solution tank
  • Positive displacement 300/75 psi solution pump
Manufacturers Item #04148A

For use in: Public facilities, office buildings, airports, schools, universities, colleges, hotels, cleaning contractors, government buildings, hospitals and nursing homes.

Key Features

  • In0line heat exchanger
  • Instant heat 212 degree F at spray tip
  • Easy circuit locator
  • .8 gpm low moisture system
  • Product lifetime warranty (tanks, frame, and water heater)

What It Does Best

  • Cleans carpets faster
  • Creates 212 degrees F hot water
  • Maintains a high pressure cleaning spray for effective soil emulsification and extraction

Easy To Use

  • Easy circuit locator - no blown circuits
  • Low moisture - faster dry times and no overwetting
  • Compact and light weight - easily transported
  • Chemical tray - easy access to chemicals


  • Instant heat - 212 degree F at wand tip effectiveness
  • High pressure - penetrating injection agitation
  • In-line heat exchanger - heats water after pump


  • Rotationally molded tanks
  • Industrial 3-stage vacuum motor
  • 100 CFM cooling fan
  • Vertical mounted vacuum intake - no leaks
  • On-board heater in line after the pump
  • Sealed switches and switch plate


  • Reduced body strain and stress
  • Easy circuit locator - prevents overload
  • No open unsecured doors required
  • Hospital grade plugs
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