CMA Energy Mizer™ Model C-2 - Single Rack, Corner


  • Single rack design. Up to 37 racks per hour. 90 second operating cycle. Uses only 1.7 gallon of water per rack.
  • 25 3/4" D x 25 3/4" W x 56" H
  • Dish height clearance 17", 115 volts, 1 phase, 16 amps
  • Recommended operating temperature 140 degrees F
Single Rack, Corner, ea
Manufacturers Item #C-2
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Pump purging system injects water directly into the pump after the wash cycle, eliminating soil or detergent carryover during the rinse cycle.

  • Automatic start/stop turns "on" the machine when the door is closed. Shuts "off" when the door is raised or the cycle is complete.
  • Built-in delimer switch lets you dispense deliming solution through the machine at your convenience.
  • Built-in dispensers provide optimum chemical delivery rack after rack.
  • Priming switch provides a smooth chemical flow-ready for use.
  • At the end of every wash cycle the machine dumps all of the water, debris and detergents out of the machine. Then it flushes the pump and inside of the machine with fresh water. This eliminates residue and detergents before introducing fresh rinse water
  • This process ensures that dishes, glasses and utensils are rinsed and sanitized with no interference from unwanted soils or detergents. It ensures the next dishrack will be washed in clean water and that the chemical detergents can operate under optimum